PATENT REFORM 2011 - VIDEO BRIEFING - Alec Schibanoff, American Innovators for Patent Reform; Randy Landreneau

[Updated 9-3-11]

NO on "America Invents Act" aka Patent Reform Act of 2011 S.23 and H.R. 1249

American Innovators for Patent Reform

In this position statement by Alec Schibanoff, Executive Director of American Innovators for Patent Reform, he gives an excellent and concise recap about how the Patent Reform Act of 2011 will hurt small businesses, innovators, and independent inventors in the United States by changing from "First to Invent" to "First to File". There are other issues in the bill which will hurt independent inventors which are highlighted in this Video Briefing. Take a few minutes to learn about this important issue (it's under 7 minutes) and how it can affect your inventing path.

Randy Landreneau

Randy provides a straightforward explanation of how the proposed patent reform will hurt inventors and America.